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Today is a WTF day (What the Frig)

Well I haven’t posted on  my blog in a few days because I have been out of commission due to a knee injury.  Never again will I take advantage of any of my limbs….they play a major role in my everyday getting arounds…..LOL
Well I have been sticking to my eating…and those freaking scales are going the wrong way.  This was definitely a WTF moment this morning!   I mean I measure our food, I only get fruits, veggies, just a little dairy, very little grains and lean meats…..what the crap can I do else?   I even limited my pain medication to just when I absolutely needed it……. I mean I have given up sweets and foods containing MSG cold turkey….translated that means I have given up all foods that freaking taste good!  Yes, I am mad…..I think I deserve to be……everything was going so great and then…..POW!  (apparently weight guns aren’t outlawed yet because that stupid fat fairy keeps shooting me with it)  What the crap happened???  I have also limited my banana intake and my nut intake…..I have incorporated eating Chia seeds…..yes you read right, like the chi, chi, chia pets…..I am eating those!  (I won’t be surprised if my poop comes out like a green sprouted Chia pet)  I have made sure I stayed under a certain calorie guideline and had my snacks….small meals….blah, blah, blah.  It is days like this that I just wanna freaking give up and eat and dang donut….Krispy Kreme to be exact! 
So I will see what the rest of this week brings but if that stupid scale doesn’t start heading southward…..something is going to have to give!  I know that I am eating the right things and doing what I am suppose to (aside from exercise because right now I can’t…duh….hurt knee) but I will keep trying……because one way or another….I will lose again!



How did we ever survive without Pinterest? I mean for the most part I thought I was pretty intelligent but after reading all these “pins” by fellow intelligent people, I have come to realize that maybe I just ain’t that bright….hahaha

So l was browsing through the food/drink section and came across someone’s brilliant idea of making healthy popcorn in a microwave. Are you serious? I don’t need an Air Popper? Well that is wonderful since my husband said I could not buy any more kitchen gadgets because we have no more space to put them. I mean he is kinda right, we have the tea maker, Keriug, Crock pot, NuWaves, Microwave and now “Roger” (My Ninja)….in my small kitchen….that is about four too many…..hahahaha

So anyway…..back to the POPCORN! I love popcorn….it’s propbably on my top five list of favorite (food) things….but I also like all the butter it swims around in… know all that greasy goodness that you have to lick off your fingers???? Sigh…..well anyway….I decided that I would give this technique a try since I had scratched popcorn off my list of things I am able to eat….espically since hubby said NO on the air popper. So the idea is to put 1/3 cup kernels in a lunch size brown paper bag…..easy enough….my uninteligent brian can do that. So I did…..and it WORKED! We had a FULL bag of popcorn after just 3 minutes….no oil… greasy goodness….nothing… just put the kernels in the bag…….how freaking easy is that???? So after I picked my jaw up off the floor I did spray a little cooking spray (which I use pure canola spray….becuase it has no MSG) and then a little garlic powder, onion powder and just a little salt. OOOOHHHHH MMMMMMM GGGGGGEEEEEEEE It was awesome!!!! How did I not think of this???

So I would like to personally thank all the smarter-than-me people on Pinterst… just make this ol’ southern gal feel even more the dumber……LOL

Want the link to the actual post? Here it is:

Water is the secret weapon!

Who knew that clear, refreshing WATER would be a key element in weight loss?  Well I dunno about the “clear” part but I sure can gulp down a lot of tea…..I mean I am from the south and that is part of our daily diet, isn’t it?  So my experiment was to see if my intake of water actually mattered…well it did!  Over the weekend my water intake was pretty much under 20oz each day because I was super busy and didn’t have time to stop to, well you know.  As a result of the lack of water….and the fact I had way too many nuts….my weight was up just a little.  So yesterday I got all my water in (along with the 832 steps *wink-wink*) and it was back down again.  Now guess what…..I brought my water with me today and I will do this all over again….but hopefully I will make it 936 steps today 🙂

This brings me to another topic in regards to water intake.  I have been told different advice about drinking my water……some say drink it at room temperature and some say drink it ice cold.  So I looked into the matter and the winner is……ICED COLD!  Apparently you can burn calories by drinking iced water because you are making your body work to warm it up….go figure.  If you would like to read further on this topic….here is a website that explains it a little better:


So there you have it….Iced Cold Water is the secret weapon to successful weight loss… go drink you a big hokin’ glass of water (or water based) beverage!

Staying on track……

Weekends seem to be a big obstacle for me for some reason. I think it is because I am not in my normal boring routine like I am at work. You know….up at a certain time, drink my weeds (as my dad calls it)…..water, water, water and then more water. I have found that the past two weekends I have not lost any and I think the water is the key.  Well that and the fact I am not drinking my weeds. Mondays are my official weigh in days but I may have to consider trading those for Fridays because well, Mondays just suck anyway….lets add the fact that the scale must have crappy Mondays too and it feels the need to dump on me the first thing in the morning.  Somehow I am going to have to figure out how to up my water intake on the weekends….unfortunately that is really HARD because those are the days that I am either running around doing stuff or trying to set up at the flea market.  I know that I haven’t cheated or had anything I wasn’t suppose to but it’s not falling off like I want it to. (Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just snap our fingers and *poof* we were the size that we want to be??) It all comes down to the dreaded “P” word that I hate so much (Patience) and water….that is my conclusion! So today I am pulling out my gun (if the government will let me) and I am taking control…..and staying on track…..I am in this for the long haul!  And that scale better start cooperating with me…..or else!


Don’t judge a drink by it’s COLOR……

I can’t believe that I haven’t tried these veggie and fruit smoothies before now.  How could I have been so closed minded to think that something this absolutely disgusting looking could be so utterly delicious?  I mean, I admit that they look like something Shrek would bathe in….if he did in fact take a bath, but by golly they are good.  I even find myself trying to suck every little drop out of my glass to enjoy as much of this concoction as I can….although the vacuum powered slurping is more than likely annoying my co-workers but I want that last little bit stuck to the sides of my glass!!!!

What I have learned with this new “regime” is that I have to be more open to try new things, try to clean up the garbage that I am putting in my body and try to muffle the sound of the candy in the checkout line screaming my name……they sound so pitiful trapped in those brightly colored prisons they call packaging……but I will not set them free….they shall remain captive in those boxes on the shelves, where they belong!

Tried something new…..

So I don’t want to call this a “diet” and I really don’t like the term “lifestyle change” either….(kinda sounds like I wanna start “swingin” or that I’m “changing teams”)… I gotta find a good term for this……….for now I suppose I will call it a regime….seems fancy enough.

Ok so on this new “regime” I tried a concoction I found on Pinterst where you freeze bananas and pulverize them and they magically turn into ice cream.  Seems too good to be true, right?  Well slap my bottom and call me Susie……it is freakin’ AWESOME!  So I know not everyone is into bananas but I love them.  (Not to mention they are plentiful on the cruise ships….wink, wink Colleen)  If you do like the monkey food….I highly recommend trying this recipe…..


Let me know if you like it or not.  I’m going to try different things with it like put coconut in it and whatever else that is healthy that I can think of.  Trying to find new “regime” food  is hard so when I find something amazing….I will share it with you!

May the best one LOSE!

So today we started a weight loss contest within my work organization.  We have teams of four competing to see who is basically the biggest loser.  Their goal it to get people healthier (I suppose so it won’t cost so much in health care overall).  Well there is prize money at stake so you know I was all over that!  We had our weigh in this morning to begin….although I have a 10 pound head start (which unfortunately doesn’t count in this contest) I feel I am still a step ahead health-wise.  Oh, did you catch that???? I am down TEN POUNDS!!!!!  So on top of this contest, I am going to also participate in a state wide weight loss competition…….one way or another….I’m going to win….er….lose….well you know what I mean!  So this is where you, as my family and friends come into play…..I need your support and encouragement because that is a major factor in a successful journey… will you help me……..because I’m a loser!!!!