Day 4

So my worst habit is stepping on the scale everyday to see the numbers go down….today did not disappoint! I am now down 8 lbs and the pants I put on this morning are fitting a little better…..what a feeling!

My green drink this morning is more along the lines of swamp scum color due to the fact that I put blueberries in it……but boy does it taste good. Everything I put into it for today was an apple, blueberries, orange, satsuma, pineapple, ginger, aloe, carrots and spinach. You know I am definately one who would have NEVER thought I would put a combo like that together but trust me….you do NOT taste the veggies.
I did bring me some of my homemade peanut butter and celery for snack and I have another sexy salad for lunch. So far I am doing good and if I do get a little hungry or rumbly in my tumbly….I just grab a fruit or veggie to shut it up…..LOL

Oh, about my scale habit…….I will definately try to only weigh once a week since weighing everyday tends to make you discouraged when you aren’t losing rapidly. So how often do you weigh yourself?



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