Well I survived one whole week…..

I weighed this morning and I am now down 9 lbs…. I am happy with the results however I did sneak and weigh last Thursday and I was down 9 lbs then so that means I didn’t lose any over the weekend…..bummer.  It’s things like that that make me feel like yesterday’s battle was for nothing.  I know, I know….it wasn’t for nothing but I think we should be rewarded with something like a 5 lb loss if we overcame a huge obstacle like I did Sunday.  Or maybe the smells actually caused my weight loss to stop in hopes that it would be able to eat some of that delicious smelling food????  I do know that I wasn’t able to get my water in like I do during the week because we stayed so busy doing other things like cleaning out the cabinets, shopping and let us not forget the starvation that my body thought I was doing to it.  All I can say is….this too shall pass and I will beat this battle….one way or another!


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