May the best one LOSE!

So today we started a weight loss contest within my work organization.  We have teams of four competing to see who is basically the biggest loser.  Their goal it to get people healthier (I suppose so it won’t cost so much in health care overall).  Well there is prize money at stake so you know I was all over that!  We had our weigh in this morning to begin….although I have a 10 pound head start (which unfortunately doesn’t count in this contest) I feel I am still a step ahead health-wise.  Oh, did you catch that???? I am down TEN POUNDS!!!!!  So on top of this contest, I am going to also participate in a state wide weight loss competition…….one way or another….I’m going to win….er….lose….well you know what I mean!  So this is where you, as my family and friends come into play…..I need your support and encouragement because that is a major factor in a successful journey… will you help me……..because I’m a loser!!!!


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