Don’t judge a drink by it’s COLOR……

I can’t believe that I haven’t tried these veggie and fruit smoothies before now.  How could I have been so closed minded to think that something this absolutely disgusting looking could be so utterly delicious?  I mean, I admit that they look like something Shrek would bathe in….if he did in fact take a bath, but by golly they are good.  I even find myself trying to suck every little drop out of my glass to enjoy as much of this concoction as I can….although the vacuum powered slurping is more than likely annoying my co-workers but I want that last little bit stuck to the sides of my glass!!!!

What I have learned with this new “regime” is that I have to be more open to try new things, try to clean up the garbage that I am putting in my body and try to muffle the sound of the candy in the checkout line screaming my name……they sound so pitiful trapped in those brightly colored prisons they call packaging……but I will not set them free….they shall remain captive in those boxes on the shelves, where they belong!


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