Water is the secret weapon!

Who knew that clear, refreshing WATER would be a key element in weight loss?  Well I dunno about the “clear” part but I sure can gulp down a lot of tea…..I mean I am from the south and that is part of our daily diet, isn’t it?  So my experiment was to see if my intake of water actually mattered…well it did!  Over the weekend my water intake was pretty much under 20oz each day because I was super busy and didn’t have time to stop to, well you know.  As a result of the lack of water….and the fact I had way too many nuts….my weight was up just a little.  So yesterday I got all my water in (along with the 832 steps *wink-wink*) and it was back down again.  Now guess what…..I brought my water with me today and I will do this all over again….but hopefully I will make it 936 steps today 🙂

This brings me to another topic in regards to water intake.  I have been told different advice about drinking my water……some say drink it at room temperature and some say drink it ice cold.  So I looked into the matter and the winner is……ICED COLD!  Apparently you can burn calories by drinking iced water because you are making your body work to warm it up….go figure.  If you would like to read further on this topic….here is a website that explains it a little better: http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/diet-fitness/weight-loss/question447.htm


So there you have it….Iced Cold Water is the secret weapon to successful weight loss…..now go drink you a big hokin’ glass of water (or water based) beverage!


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