Today is a WTF day (What the Frig)

Well I haven’t posted on  my blog in a few days because I have been out of commission due to a knee injury.  Never again will I take advantage of any of my limbs….they play a major role in my everyday getting arounds…..LOL
Well I have been sticking to my eating…and those freaking scales are going the wrong way.  This was definitely a WTF moment this morning!   I mean I measure our food, I only get fruits, veggies, just a little dairy, very little grains and lean meats…..what the crap can I do else?   I even limited my pain medication to just when I absolutely needed it……. I mean I have given up sweets and foods containing MSG cold turkey….translated that means I have given up all foods that freaking taste good!  Yes, I am mad…..I think I deserve to be……everything was going so great and then…..POW!  (apparently weight guns aren’t outlawed yet because that stupid fat fairy keeps shooting me with it)  What the crap happened???  I have also limited my banana intake and my nut intake…..I have incorporated eating Chia seeds…..yes you read right, like the chi, chi, chia pets…..I am eating those!  (I won’t be surprised if my poop comes out like a green sprouted Chia pet)  I have made sure I stayed under a certain calorie guideline and had my snacks….small meals….blah, blah, blah.  It is days like this that I just wanna freaking give up and eat and dang donut….Krispy Kreme to be exact! 
So I will see what the rest of this week brings but if that stupid scale doesn’t start heading southward…..something is going to have to give!  I know that I am eating the right things and doing what I am suppose to (aside from exercise because right now I can’t…duh….hurt knee) but I will keep trying……because one way or another….I will lose again!


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