Archive | February 2013

Life is crazyyyyyyyy!

So life has been super crazy here lately not only in my personal life, but also a work.  When you have worked at a place as long as I have, you tend to bring work home with you and get caught up in the stressful drama.  At some point you have to just step back and say….ok that is enough for today.  Well I am at that point…..that is enough for this year….LOL
I know today is not my weigh in day but since we celebrated our 8th anniversary at Outback last night, I wanted to see what the damage was.  So far I am down 15 pounds…..yeah…..go me!  I’m waiting on that fat fairy to plant a big old surprise on me any day now but I shall enjoy it while it is happening.  We have my hubby’s birthday partIES coming up next week…..yup….we have TWO of them….one with my family and one with his.  This means double the cake and double the non-healthy food…..please, please, please let me not gain any!
Well it is back to my water, smoothies and healthy food for now.  Thanks for your support… really helps!