May the best one LOSE!

So today we started a weight loss contest within my work organization.  We have teams of four competing to see who is basically the biggest loser.  Their goal it to get people healthier (I suppose so it won’t cost so much in health care overall).  Well there is prize money at stake so you know I was all over that!  We had our weigh in this morning to begin….although I have a 10 pound head start (which unfortunately doesn’t count in this contest) I feel I am still a step ahead health-wise.  Oh, did you catch that???? I am down TEN POUNDS!!!!!  So on top of this contest, I am going to also participate in a state wide weight loss competition…….one way or another….I’m going to win….er….lose….well you know what I mean!  So this is where you, as my family and friends come into play…..I need your support and encouragement because that is a major factor in a successful journey… will you help me……..because I’m a loser!!!!


Well I survived one whole week…..

I weighed this morning and I am now down 9 lbs…. I am happy with the results however I did sneak and weigh last Thursday and I was down 9 lbs then so that means I didn’t lose any over the weekend…..bummer.  It’s things like that that make me feel like yesterday’s battle was for nothing.  I know, I know….it wasn’t for nothing but I think we should be rewarded with something like a 5 lb loss if we overcame a huge obstacle like I did Sunday.  Or maybe the smells actually caused my weight loss to stop in hopes that it would be able to eat some of that delicious smelling food????  I do know that I wasn’t able to get my water in like I do during the week because we stayed so busy doing other things like cleaning out the cabinets, shopping and let us not forget the starvation that my body thought I was doing to it.  All I can say is….this too shall pass and I will beat this battle….one way or another!

Shedding a little light on MSG

Most of you know that I am now trying to eliminate as much, if not all MSG (excitotoxins) from our diet. This is NOT easy but I have found this rule to be somewhat true on deciding what we can and cannot eat…..if God gave it to us….we can eat it……fruits, vegetables, animals and what the animals produce (for the most part). I’m not sure if we can elimate MSG all together because they hide this drug in most everything in the world but I wanted to share with you a list that I found on that you may find interesting…..I know I did…………………


Celebrating the 5th day and it’s FRIDAY!

So with learning this new way of eating I also am forced to learn how to keep my food fresh and crisp…..nothing like limp celery….blah! I mean I have never had to worry about this because well…..I hardly ever bought fresh fruits and veggies. And we all know the best way to keep donuts and cookies fresh is to EAT THEM! Hahahahaha no worries about them going to waste or spoiling….LOL

So I have been researching how to extend the life of my food…… you have any tips or tricks? Please share…………..

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Day 4

So my worst habit is stepping on the scale everyday to see the numbers go down….today did not disappoint! I am now down 8 lbs and the pants I put on this morning are fitting a little better…..what a feeling!

My green drink this morning is more along the lines of swamp scum color due to the fact that I put blueberries in it……but boy does it taste good. Everything I put into it for today was an apple, blueberries, orange, satsuma, pineapple, ginger, aloe, carrots and spinach. You know I am definately one who would have NEVER thought I would put a combo like that together but trust me….you do NOT taste the veggies.
I did bring me some of my homemade peanut butter and celery for snack and I have another sexy salad for lunch. So far I am doing good and if I do get a little hungry or rumbly in my tumbly….I just grab a fruit or veggie to shut it up…..LOL

Oh, about my scale habit…….I will definately try to only weigh once a week since weighing everyday tends to make you discouraged when you aren’t losing rapidly. So how often do you weigh yourself?


I made it all by myself…..

Have you ever made homemade peanut butter?  Well this chick just did!  Surprisingly it is pretty good, however after reading the ingredients on the jar of peanuts I may have to reconsider my purchasing brand 😦

Does anyone know where you can get roasted peanuts without all the added stuff?

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What do you eat?

So do you have any favorite healthy recipes you would like to share?
I’m looking to expand my experimentation with food.