I hope that you find this blog helpful or at least somewhat witty….

Who am I?
I am quickly approaching 40 years old and have been battling weight issues for all of my adult life. I have tried a multitude of diets and even had weight loss surgery. Weight seems to be a big failure in my life…..which I intend on changing all that. First and foremost, this journey will not be referred to as a diet….but as a lifestyle change. Diet is a very bad four letter word that tends to control people…..I have broken the bonds that tie me to that word and I have released myself. I am free……………………….
On this journey, I’m not counting calories, watching carbs or protein or anything that I have ever done in the past. What I am doing is cutting out as much of that poison called MSG out of our daily lives. I am trying not to eat anything that comes from a box or a bag for the most part. There are a few exceptions like cheese, milk, and nuts but trust me I am reading labels. Until I watched a documentary called “Hungry for Change” I was unaware of MSG or the negative effects of Aspartame. I was totally floored that the food industry is slowly killing us just to make more money for themselves. The bad thing is that the government is allowing this to happen. So sad…..
So I have increased our fruit and veggie intake, incorporated whole juicing, lean meats and increased my water. I know that by feeling good, this will also increase my desire to incorporate more exercise….now I just need to let my schedule know this….LOL
So if you would like to learn more, support me or just want something to read…please follow my blog…..THANKS!



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